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E-commerce 2021, learn how to start an e-commerce step by step online, and make money for beginners 2021. ".

No two disagree that electronic commerce or what is called in English "E-commerce" is witnessing a qualitative leap in light of the rise of Internet users.

 Where companies and sellers tend to profit from the Internet by displaying goods and products in the virtual world, because this method offers advantages and ease to reach the target groups through online marketing, which is called "e-commerce 2021".

Dear reader, if you would like to enter the field of e-commerce, earn money through the Internet, and start a successful project via the Internet, this article has been prepared especially for you, and in it we will talk about the most important basic factors for how to start a successful project through “Ecommerce 2021”, including the following steps :

  • Ecommerce 2021 concept.
  • E-commerce basics.
  • The most important steps to successful online trading.
  • Learn e-commerce from scratch.
  • Stages of e-commerce on the Internet.

Introduction to e-commerce

Before anything, we must get acquainted together with the concept of e-commerce 2021, which is considered one of the most important successful projects of our time, through which it is possible to earn money from the Internet through the purchase and sale of products and the provision of services via the Internet.

Where electronic commerce differs from ordinary commerce, in its traditional sense, online commerce, or “Ecommerce for beginners”, does not require you to have many factors, including, for example, a place or shop to display different products and goods, or a place in a good location or a commercial market teeming with people. And the permanent movement, and the subsequent financial expenses.

Regarding your comprehensive guide to e-commerce 2021, it is the best way to make money online using your computer, as this method of online commerce enables you to reach millions of people and target groups for the quality of the product to be marketed.

In addition to the many advantages that you get from the online trading system, including, for example, the low financial cost of the project, but the work on the Internet is free and without any financial cost, so it is possible to market various products through e-marketing platforms, and here are the best 8 ways to verify You can profit from the Internet, through e-commerce and marketing.

What are the basics of e-commerce 2021

One of the most important initial basics for starting work in the e-commerce system, and profiting from the Internet, is as follows:

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basics e-commerce 2021

  • Availability of a computer or mobile phone that can be relied upon in the marketing process.
  • Permanent connection to the Internet to follow up on buying and selling operations on the Internet.
  • Create an online store on wordpress or blogger platform.
  • Create a page to market and sell products on Facebook, or use the Facebook Marketplace.
  • Write a unique description about you and the offered products.
  • Include an electronic payment system for customers when purchasing the product.
  • Availability of a local and international shipping system to increase product sales.
  • Availability of one of the popular products to start e-commerce 2021 on the Internet.
  • Diversity of products to target more than one purchasing category.

In addition to other ways to profit from e-marketing through the Internet 2021, which are free platforms such as various social media platforms, for example, the “FACEBOOK” pages or through the “TWITTER” platform, Amazon, Souq.com, or the Facebook Market platform. Please "facebook marketplace" ..etc.

Advantages of e-commerce 2021

There are many advantages offered by "e-commerce 2021" compared to its traditional counterpart, they are many and varied and we will not be able to limit them in this paragraph, it alone needs a full article, but for example we show you some of the advantages that make you start a business and marketing through the Internet. Such as :

  • Low material cost.
  • Continuous income around the clock.
  • Global and domestic sales.
  • Ease of displaying the best-selling products from home via the Internet.
  • A great place for your introverted customers who love to shop online.
  • Easily access and utilize customer data to support your business.

Steps to learn e-commerce from scratch

This may be the central question in this article about the steps to learn e-commerce from scratch for beginners 2021, and in order for us to be able to answer this question, make sure that you continue reading this article to the end. This is the question that we answer during the next steps of the stages of “Ecommerce for beginners 2021” ".

E-commerce goes through three basic stages, including the first stage, which are as follows:

  • Product search:

At this stage, you must search for a product to sell, and here a set of criteria must be taken into account, such as choosing “Niche” or what is called (a specific field or specialty), for example, (clothing products, home appliances products or electronic devices products), and other popular products And the endearment of customers or clients.

Where you can find these products by searching on Internet sites such as Amazon or Souq.com, or in the vicinity of your living as a beginner in the wholesale markets.

  • Product Advertisement:

This second stage is the steps to learn e-commerce for beginners 2021, this stage is after research and finding the product you want to market and want to sell and in order to deliver your products to interested customers or customers, provide appropriate prices, after using a group of sales platforms and knowing the prices traded, and perhaps the most prominent of these The free platform is Facebook Marketplace or "facebook marketplace".

  • Selling on Facebook Marketplace:

Facebook is the largest social networking site with millions of active users daily, which makes Facebook Marketplace or "facebook marketplace" the largest free online marketing and e-commerce platform.

  • Product pricing:

The price of the product is one of the most important steps for teaching online commerce for the two principles 2021. Determining a competitive price for products allows you to experiment and sell on the Internet and make profits from e-marketing. You must set a price that is suitable for all target groups and those interested in the product.

  • Marketing through sponsored ads:

In addition, you can reach thousands of target groups through the best e-marketing sites, but the paid ads bring much more fruit in the process of marketing through the Internet.

And this may help you increase the expected profits from selling products. These are the ways of professionals to increase sales and thus increase profits from the marketing process. If you are a beginner in e-commerce 2021, this step should be considered one of the most important steps for the success of your electronic project to sell products.

  • Complete the sale:

We have reached the final stage in your comprehensive guide to e-commerce 2021, which is the completion of the sales process.

Then after that get the money, and you have to provide an electronic payment system and send the product by shipping or immediate delivery and end the deal.


The bottom line and the end of the article is that working on the internet through marketing and selling products in it becomes e-commerce 2021 that makes you rich without capital and without costs if you follow one of the marketing methods and seek development and different products and it is impossible to satisfy customers.

 In addition to taking advantage of free means to sell products and present them to customers, and building a good reputation among your customers increases the frequency of purchases by recommending potential customers.

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